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About Locking - Part 1

The “Campbellock” a.k.a. “Locking”


Before getting into the history of The Campbellock, it is important to understand the mindset and reasons for which this website was created.
Just like any other historical event which involves humans, the passing of information is subject to one’s perspective and understanding. What we see, hear and feel is solely based on who we were and where we were at the time of the events. It is the same about of “The Campbellock” aka “Locking”.

The creator of "The Campbellock" is Don "Campbellock" Campbell and The Campbellock" and "Locking" are the same thing.

The name was changed due to a dispute between Don Campbell and the Record Company who recorded his song about the dance. The song “The Campbellock” was released in Feb. 1972 on the label Stanton Records under the name Don “SoulTrain” Campbell.

The purpose of this website is to tell the history of the Campbellock dance through the eyes of Don “Campbellock” Campbell himself. To provide as much information as possible so every aspiring locker can truly understand the essence of the dance “The Campbellock” a.k.a. “Locking” and how it was created.

Locking is now a worldwide dance style (art form), but this website isn’t meant to tell the history of Locking on a global scale, but simply to tell the story of the man who started everything.

One fact to always remember is “The Campbellock” aka “Locking” wasn’t created to be a dance style. It was simply Don “Campbellock” Campbell dancing, putting his own spin on dance, letting his creativity take over his body. It only became a dance form when others decided to dance “like him”.

The Campbellock aka Locking is Don "Campbellock" Campbell's legacy,
and this website was created to share his story.

Next, we’ll talk about what is The Campbellock.

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