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Don "Campbellock" Campbell

Official website

Don "Campbellock" Campbell
Official Website

About Don Campbell

Creator of The Campbellock
a.k.a Locking

Don Campbell was born in St. Louis in the early 50’s. He was raised in South Central Los Angeles. As a child, he was quite artistic, drawing profiles of people’s faces, hands, as well as trees and bugs. His creative talent made him different, even at such an early age…

a.k.a Locking

How did Don Campbell create Locking?
What is the essence of the campbellock?

The “Campbellock” a.k.a “Locking” is an improvisational performance dance based on the expression of the individual, with “The Lock” as its base, which everything flows from.

Discover the story of the Campbellock dance through the eyes of Don “Campbellock” Campbell himself.


Don Campbellock Campbell Original t-shirt design

The Original

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